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times sunggyu feels sad & alone

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3/∞ edits of kim minseok

3/ edits of kim minseok

I went on YouTube and I looked at our own videos […] and I was looking at the YouTube comments, and they’re just so mean.

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So I work at target now and one of my favorite things to do when I hear something in the next aisle fall is to drop what I’m doing and stand at the end of that aisle like so:






look at kangwoo in front of you carefully. from head to toe very slowly. an illusion has a contradiction. if you look carefully you will be able to find the contradiction.

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I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself wondering where you are
For me you'll always be eighteen
And beautiful
And dancing away with my heart

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1/ infinite live performances
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i have never hated anyone more in my LIFE

why is he like this

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Source: An inside look at ADHD.

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Me 100% of the time. Luckily Ito help for my ADD when I was a child

fun facts!

  • ADD and ADHD are the same disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder was officially renamed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 1994. Many people use ADD to refer to Type One presented here, and ADHD to refer to Type Two, but they are the same core disorder.
  • In many cases where ADHD carries into adulthood, it’s a genetic issue [My grandfather, mother, siblings, and I have all been diagnosed with ADHD], though this does not always occur.

hello yes this is me

more fun facts!

  • there are a lot of talks about how ADHD is overdiagnosed, and that may be true for boys, but for girls ADHD is severely underdiagnosed.
  • older studies mostly looked at hyperactive boys and that’s the perception we have of ADHD. because of this many girls will go undiagnosed until adulthood.
  • most girls/women who have ADHD are inattentive type. they tend to be introverted, disorganized and daydreamers. 
  • girls will internalize these as personal failings and teenage girls have a much higher rate of suicide and self harm because of it
  • ADHD is often comorbid with anxiety and depression, both of which are caused by the failings from having ADHD
  • depression can present itself differently in people with ADHD. it’s more of a discouragement from constantly failing, but it can be just as debilitating.
  • read this article from the atlantic: It’s Different for Girls with ADHD



Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2006
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Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2006